Concentration & Teamwork

Archery is a classic element, but its lasting impact is often underestimated. This team game improves concentration, a correct posture, breathing, mindfulness and strategic alignment in the team. How can we collect the most points and how do we use each other's strengths? How can we support each other? First and foremost is the cohesion of the group, because it is only by working together that you can reach your goal.

If you want to add archery to your next corporate event, team event or summer party, then VARIO EVENT's archery events are the right choice. However, archery can be very diverse. In addition to classic archery, we also offer winter archery and night archery editions. Here we provide for a cozy lighting of the event location. A fantastic atmosphere for an unforgettable evening!

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  • Introduction to archery technique
  • Archery equipment
  • Guide for supervision
  • Targets
  • 3D animal area (optional)
  • Competition for "best archer"
  • Moderation and award ceremony

10-50 persons

1-2 hours


Indoor and Outdoor

PRICE: from € 1.650 excl. vat at 20 persons minimum, each person extra € 59 excl. vat