Raft Building

Beams, tires, ropes, and a flag - the ingredients for building a raft are enumerable. However, the task is not that simple: You and your colleagues have to face the task of assembling the available materials into a floating raft.

Choose between a classic raft building event, the raft building in a large group or the mini raft building as an indoor event - the experience will always be diverse and exciting: After a division of the group into teams that will be done by our professional event managers, the teams can examine the available material carefully. What can we use? What are the tires for? How do the parts have to be put together so that our raft will float at the end? In addition to these questions, the team has to come up with a name for themselves and select their flag. Because the raft will swim only half as beautifully in the water in front of all participants at the christening if it doesn't have a real distinguishing feature.

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Raft Building


  • Professional raft construction sets
  • Guides for the care
  • Materials and equipment
  • Raft construction challenge in teams
  • Test drive and race
  • group picture
  • Moderation and award ceremony
  • Medals (gold, silver and bronze)

10-150 persons

2-3 hours



PRICE: from € 1.650 excl. vat at 20 persons minimum, each person extra € 59 excl. vat