Jungle Test

Stroking disgusting spider-creatures, swallowing worms or bathing in mud - tasks like these won't threaten our jungle adventurers at this event, however there are still some tricky tests which have to be passed:

Reaching into dark boxes or testing food for its edibility with blindfolded eyes - but don't worry, you don't need to fear the disgust which is well-known from the TV jungle camp.

In the end, participants of this expedition in the green science center will feel like Indiana Jones. They will have to crack a fivefold secured treasure chest.


Participants: 20 - 300

Duration: 2 - 3 hours

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Jungle Test


  • Introduction of the teams
  • Guides for the supervision of the games
  • Team grouping
  • Game details
  • Equipment for the activity stations
  • Group photo 
  • Moderation and award ceremony
  • Medals in gold, silver and bronze

10-200+ persons

2-3 hours


Indoor and Outdoor

PRICE: from € 1.650 excl. vat at 20 persons minimum, each person extra € 59 excl. vat