Chain Reaction

Who doesn't remember it: the good old Domino Day. But now it's time for something new and innovative - that's right, we're talking about the domino effect!

Crafting novices and professional inventors are in demand when it comes to building the most extraordinary domino effect with the team.

When bursting water balloons unleash spectacular fireworks and rolling car tires trigger flower showers, then your company creates the best domino effect. Several reactions have to run smoothly one after the other, so that you belong to the great craftsmen, and the domino effect must result in an everyday action in the end. For example: A ball falls on a switch of the power strip and thus, switches on a hair dryer which blows confetti into the air as a special effect.

Everyone can participate, and creativity pays off! This day will certainly be remembered for a long time to come and will provide something positive to talk about.

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Chain Reaction


  • Introduction of the teams
  • Team grouping
  • Guides for supervision
  • Materials and equipment
  • Construction manuals and sketches
  • Group photo
  • Moderation

10-200+ persons

2-3 hours



PRICE: from € 1.650 excl. vat at 20 persons minimum, each person extra € 59 excl. vat