Creativ Team-Painting

Are you looking for a team-building, creative, and innovative team event?

Then don't look further: Our team building "Action Painting" is just the thing to increase the team spirit of your team in Hamburg and to strengthen their sense of togetherness. Everybody has the need to be creative and to design - some more and others less. But one thing is certain: Colors, brushes and enthusiasm can awaken any of the artists.

Spend a relaxing and creative event painting day or evening at the canvas with your colleagues and employees - far off your everyday working life.

The painting takes place in small teams of 5-10 people on canvases of any size, which can also be prepared by integrating your own company logo, for example.

The focus of this creative project is not on an exact result, but rather on the exuberant play with colors and shapes without a creative concept. The path is the goal, not necessarily the result itself!

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Creativ Team-Painting


  • Canvases for the design
  • Artists for supervision
  • Introduction and instructions
  • Paints and brushes
  • Squeeze bottles
  • Color bombs (optional)
  • Protective clothing and foil
  • Concept development
  • Group photo

10-200 persons

2-3 hours


Indoor and Outdoor

PRICE: from € 1.650 excl. vat at 20 persons minimum, each person extra € 59 excl. vat